• "I couldn't believe how good I felt after my first
    visit to Dr. Thornton. I've recommended to my friends
    that they see him and experience how good you can feel
    when you are well adjusted."
  • "I was apprehensive about Chiropractic care before
    I met Dr. Thornton. Today, I genuinely regret not
    knowing the beneifts of such care earlier in my life."
  • "I was skeptical that I could get
    relief of my foot pain from a chiropractor,
    but I am so thrilled I tried it!"
  • "I was unsure at first whether
    Chiropractic could help me, but now
    I am very happy that my husband
    'dragged' me in to see Dr. Thornton."
  • "I am experiencing the best health I have had since
    my last surgery and I am convinced that it is due
    to the care I have recieved from Dr. Thornton."
  • "After working with Dr. Thornton,
    I finished the San Diego Rock & Roll
    Marathon three months later, and then
    completed a 60-mile, 3-day breast cancer
    walk later that year."
    "Dr. Thornton has help me to
    accomplish my life-long dream of
    running a marathon. Thank you,
    Dr. Thornton, for helping me
    reach my dreams."
  • "I have full confidence in his knowledge
    and skill and I trust him completely
    with my care. I enthusiastically recommend
    his services to everyone."
  • "The best thing about Dr. Thornton is that when
    you're recieving his care, you really feel he wants
    you to heal! That is so refreshing given today's state
    of health care. I am so grateful for his approach and
    have recommended his services to countless friends."

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