• The Patient Experience

Our Patients Speak

Several of our clients have expressed the desire to speak out, sharing with all the impact that Chiropractic, and specifically care under Dr. Thornton, has had on their health and their life. Click on the names below to read what each of these patients have had to say:

"I was unsure at first whether Chiropractic could help me, but now I am very happy that my husband 'dragged' me in to see Dr. Thornton. I recommend his services to anyone!"


"I couldn't believe how good I felt after my visits to Dr. Thornton. I've recommended to my friends that they see him and experience how good you can feel when you are well adjusted."


"Dr. Thornton helped me to accomplish my life long dream of running a marathon. Shortly after starting my training, I fell out of a tree and landed flat on my back. My back ached constantly and I believed I would have to give up on my dream. After working with Dr. Thornton, I finished the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon three months later and then completed a 60 mile 3 day breast cancer walk later that year. Thank you, Dr. Thornton for helping me reach my dreams."


After a year of off and on foot trouble, I developed constant and severe foot pain. My podiatrist diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and prescribed custom orthotics which gave me little relief. After several more months of pain a retired chiropractor recommended Dr. Thornton. I was skeptical that I could get relief of my foot pain from a chiropractor, but I am so thrilled I tried it. After just a few weeks of treatment, my foot pain has been reduced by 90% and is continuing to improve. I am looking forward to going back to a normal activity level thanks to Dr. Thornton!!"


"In December I slipped and broke my shoulder. After 6 weeks in a sling and not moving my arm I had a lot of scar tissue built up. I was directed to go to physical therapy for the next few months and the scar tissue began to break up giving me movement in my arm. However, I reached a plateau and couldn't move my arm much higher than shoulder height. My doctor's recommendation was to put me under general anesthesia and force my arm up over my shoulder, breaking all the scar tissue. Then back to physical therapy and on more pain meds. I chose to go to Dr. Thornton instead which was the best decision I could have made. First and foremost it wasn't painful like my former physical therapy. It didn't cost nearly what the hospital and the orthopedist would have charged and the results were so much better than what they had hoped for. Less than a year and half after my fall I know have full movement of my arm and I'm back to doing anything I want to do. I'm very thankful for Dr. Thornton's work on my arm and the fact that I didn't have to take any pain medication to accomplish my goal through his type of therapy. Thanks Doc."


"I was very apprehensive about Chiropractic care before I met Dr. Thornton. Today, I genuinely regret not knowing the benefits of such care earlier in my life. I feel I might have avoided the surgeries and some of the residual effects from them. However, I am experiencing the best health I have had since my last surgery and I am convinced it is due to the care I have received from Dr. Thornton. I have full confidence in his knowledge and skill and I trust him completely with my care. I enthusiastically recommend his services to everyone."


What to Expect

The first two appointments are the longest. The first day is the consult and exam and takes roughly 45 minutes. The second day is the review of findings and first treatment and takes roughly 20 minutes. After that, the appointments are quick and will not take up a large portion of your day. I schedule patients such that there is always time for feedback and questions.

Understanding your condition is a big part of the process, so feel free to ask questions and become a student of your own body. I look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey to regain your health.

Dr. Thornton

Being a Thornton Patient

Every patient is unique. Every condition is unique. As your doctor, you will be examined by me personally, not by a staff member. I feel that by performing the consultation and examination myself, I gain unique insights that help me provide the best type of treatment to help with your condition.

In my office, all treatment plans and recommendations are specific to you and you alone. We have no pre-planned or canned procedures in which we put all of our patients into the same box. Each patients presentation is different, and the treatment rendered to you will be exactly what I feel you need to regain your health, nothing more, nothing less.

I make all treatment recommendations personally and review them with you in advance so that we can discuss all the options and answer all questions in advance, including; what is wrong, what will it take to get this fixed, and a full insurance review or review of costs of treatment prior to getting started. All patients are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are responding to the treatment as expected. If your condition doesn’t improve as you expect, let me know. If it does, tell others.